My First Tabbed Series 4 Book Set By DK (Trucks and Diggers, Numbers, Words, Colours)

My First Tabbed Series 4 Book Set By DK (Trucks and Diggers, Numbers, Words, Colours)


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The "My First Tabbed Series 4 Book Set" by DK offers an engaging and interactive learning experience for young children with four titles: "Trucks and Diggers," "Numbers," "Words," and "Colours."

Titles in this Set:

Trucks and Diggers


  1. Trucks and Diggers":

    • This book introduces toddlers to the exciting world of trucks and diggers. Featuring colorful illustrations and easy-to-understand labels, young readers can explore different types of vehicles and machinery commonly found in construction sites. The tabbed format allows for easy navigation, making it an interactive and educational experience.
  2. "Numbers":

    • "Numbers" is designed to help young learners grasp basic numerical concepts. With vibrant illustrations and clearly labeled tabs, this book engages children in counting and recognizing numbers. The interactive tabs make it easy for little fingers to turn pages and explore the colorful world of numbers in a playful and educational way.
  3. "Words":

    • In the "Words" book, children are introduced to essential vocabulary in an interactive format. With tabs for different categories, young readers can explore common words related to animals, objects, and more. The book aims to enhance language skills and vocabulary through engaging visuals and accessible content.
  4. "Colours":

    • "Colours" focuses on introducing toddlers to the world of colors. With vibrant illustrations and tabs for different color categories, children can learn to identify and name a variety of colors. The interactive format encourages hands-on exploration, making it an enjoyable and educational resource for early learners.

Overall, the "My First Tabbed Series" provides a well-rounded introduction to various topics for young children. The combination of colorful visuals, clear labeling, and interactive tabs creates an immersive learning experience, fostering early literacy, numeracy, and cognitive skills in an engaging and accessible manner.

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