Kate Shackleton Mysteries Series 7 Books Collection Set By Frances Brody

Kate Shackleton Mysteries Series 7 Books Collection Set By Frances Brody


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The "Kate Shackleton Mysteries Series 7 Books Collection Set" by Frances Brody comprises a captivating series of historical mysteries featuring the intelligent and resourceful sleuth, Kate Shackleton.

Titles in this Set:

Dying in the Wool
A Medal for Murder
Murder in the Afternoon
A Woman Unknown
Murder on a Summer's Day
Death of an Avid Reader
A Death in the Dales 
  1. "Dying in the Wool": Set in post-World War I England, this novel introduces Kate Shackleton, an amateur detective with a knack for solving mysteries. The story unfolds as Kate investigates a seemingly straightforward missing person case that leads her into a web of secrets and deceit.

  2. "A Medal for Murder": In this installment, Kate Shackleton becomes embroiled in a murder investigation surrounding a local brass band. As she delves into the lives of the musicians, she uncovers hidden motives and long-buried secrets.

  3. "Murder in the Afternoon": Kate's skills are put to the test when a murder occurs at a local mill during a strike. The investigation takes her into the world of industrial unrest, where tensions run high and motives are intertwined with societal issues.

  4. "A Woman Unknown": The fourth book sees Kate Shackleton drawn into a case involving a woman found dead in a locked room. As she navigates the complex social dynamics of early 20th-century Yorkshire, Kate uncovers the dark secrets that led to the mysterious death.

  5. "Murder on a Summer's Day": Kate's detective instincts are called upon once again when a man is found dead at a cricket match. The investigation reveals connections to wartime espionage, highlighting the far-reaching consequences of past actions.

  6. "Death of an Avid Reader": This installment takes Kate Shackleton into the world of literature and publishing when a renowned author dies under suspicious circumstances. Kate must navigate the competitive and sometimes cutthroat literary scene to uncover the truth.

  7. "A Death in the Dales":

    . Set in post-World War I England, the story follows amateur detective Kate Shackleton as she journeys to the picturesque Yorkshire Dales. Tasked with photographing the village of Langcliffe for a travel book, Kate becomes embroiled in a local mystery when a woman is found dead at the bottom of a cliff.

    As Kate delves into the circumstances surrounding the death, she uncovers a tangle of secrets and hidden relationships within the tight-knit community. The seemingly idyllic village holds dark secrets, and Kate's keen investigative skills are put to the test as she untangles the web of motives and deception.

Throughout the series, Frances Brody combines historical detail with intricate plots, creating a compelling narrative that keeps readers engaged as Kate Shackleton uses her intelligence and intuition to solve a variety of intriguing mysteries in the early 20th century.

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