Karen M McManus Collection 7 Books Set (You'll Be the Death of Me, The Cousins, Two can keep a secret, One Of Us Is Lying, One Of Us Is Next, Nothing More to Tell, One of us is Back)

Karen M McManus Collection 7 Books Set (You'll Be the Death of Me, The Cousins, Two can keep a secret, One Of Us Is Lying, One Of Us Is Next, Nothing More to Tell, One of us is Back)


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The Karen M. McManus Collection is an enthralling 7-book set featuring a series of gripping and suspenseful young adult novels, each filled with mysteries, secrets, and thrilling twists. Here's a brief summary of each book in the collection:

Titles in this Set

You'll Be the Death of Me
The Cousins
Two can keep a secret
One Of Us Is Lying
One Of Us Is Next
Nothing More to Tell
One of us is Back (Hardback)


  1. You'll Be the Death of Me: In this fast-paced story, three friends find themselves entangled in a web of danger and intrigue during a single day in New York City. As they navigate unexpected encounters, secrets, and a murder investigation, their lives become increasingly at risk.

  2. The Cousins: The story revolves around the estranged Story cousins, who are summoned to their wealthy grandmother's island estate. There, they uncover long-buried family secrets and dark mysteries, all while trying to uncover the reasons behind their sudden banishment from the family years ago.

  3. Two Can Keep a Secret: Set in a small town with a history of disturbing secrets and murders, this novel follows two teenagers as they become embroiled in a new wave of mysteries. As they dig deeper into the town's dark past, they unearth chilling truths and put their own lives in jeopardy.

  4. One of Us Is Lying: When five high school students walk into detention, only four walk out alive. As suspicions and accusations fly, secrets emerge, and it becomes apparent that each of them had something to hide. The question is, who wanted Simon dead?

  5. One of Us Is Next: In this sequel to "One of Us Is Lying," a new game of truth or dare takes a deadly turn, and the students of Bayview High find themselves grappling with another series of dark secrets, lies, and dangerous challenges.

  6. Nothing More to Tell: A group of friends returns to Echo Ridge, a town plagued by past tragedies and secrets, in this suspenseful novel. As old wounds reopen and new mysteries unfold, they must confront their own roles in a dark history and discover the truth.

  7. One of Us is Back (Hardback): In this novella, set after the events of "One of Us Is Lying," readers revisit Bayview High as a new mystery unfolds. The characters from the previous books must again come together to face a new threat and unravel the secrets of their past.

The Karen M. McManus Collection offers readers an exciting and suspenseful journey through a variety of intriguing mysteries and complex characters. Each book in the collection is known for its clever plot twists, engaging storytelling, and the exploration of the dark secrets that can lurk beneath the surface of seemingly ordinary lives. Whether you're a fan of thrilling whodunits or captivating tales of suspense, this collection has something to keep you on the edge of your seat.

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