Harriet Tyce Collection 3 Books Set (Blood Orange, The Lies You Told & It Ends At Midnight)

Harriet Tyce Collection 3 Books Set (Blood Orange, The Lies You Told & It Ends At Midnight)


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The Harriet Tyce Collection is a gripping set of three thrilling books that explore the dark and twisted depths of human behavior, secrets, and the consequences of one's actions. This captivating collection includes "Blood Orange," "The Lies You Told," and "It Ends At Midnight."

Titles in this Set:

Blood Orange,
The Lies You Told 
It Ends At Midnight


  1. "Blood Orange": In this riveting psychological thriller, we follow Alison, a successful barrister with a seemingly perfect life: a loving husband, a beautiful daughter, and a promising career. However, beneath the surface, Alison grapples with dark secrets and a troubled past. As she takes on a high-profile murder case that hits close to home, her life unravels, and she becomes entangled in a dangerous affair. With mounting tension and unpredictable twists, "Blood Orange" explores the boundaries of loyalty, betrayal, and the devastating consequences of keeping secrets.

  2. "The Lies You Told": This psychological suspense novel centers on the lives of Sadie and her daughter Robin. Sadie is a single mother who is trying to rebuild her life after a turbulent marriage. When Robin starts attending an elite private school, a web of lies and deception begins to unfold, involving the parents, teachers, and students. As Sadie digs deeper into the school's dark secrets, she realizes that danger lurks closer to home than she ever imagined. "The Lies You Told" is a chilling exploration of family, trust, and the lengths people will go to protect their own.

  3. "It Ends At Midnight": Departing from the previous narratives, this chilling collection of short stories delves into the eerie and macabre. Each tale weaves its own unique atmosphere of suspense, mystery, and horror, as characters find themselves trapped in haunting situations. From supernatural encounters to psychological torment, "It Ends At Midnight" showcases Harriet Tyce's versatility in delivering spine-tingling and memorable stories that will leave readers on edge.

Overall, the Harriet Tyce Collection is a thrilling assortment of psychological dramas, exploring the dark aspects of human nature and the complexities of relationships. Harriet Tyce's masterful storytelling draws readers into the minds of flawed characters, unraveling their secrets, and keeping them on the edge of their seats until the final pages.

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