Fathomless Riches & Bringing in the Sheaves By Reverend Richard Coles 2 Books Collection Set

Fathomless Riches & Bringing in the Sheaves By Reverend Richard Coles 2 Books Collection Set


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The Reverend Richard Coles 2 Books Collection Set comprises two compelling autobiographical works, "Fathomless Riches" and "Bringing in the Sheaves." These books provide a unique insight into the life and experiences of Richard Coles, a former pop star turned Church of England priest.

Titles in this Set:

Fathomless Riches
Bringing in the Sheaves


  1. "Fathomless Riches": In this candid and moving memoir, Richard Coles takes readers on a journey through the various chapters of his life. From his early days as a musician and member of the popular 1980s band, The Communards, to his struggles with fame, addiction, and personal identity, Coles opens up about his life's highs and lows. The book delves into his spiritual transformation and the pivotal moment that led him to abandon his rockstar lifestyle and embrace the calling to become a priest. "Fathomless Riches" is a soul-searching narrative that reflects on the complexities of life, faith, and the pursuit of inner peace.

  2. "Bringing in the Sheaves": In this follow-up to his first memoir, Richard Coles continues to share his reflections on life as a parish priest in a small English village. With warmth, wit, and humor, Coles offers charming anecdotes and insights into the everyday challenges and joys of pastoral ministry. The book paints a vivid picture of rural life, exploring the idiosyncrasies of the community he serves and the unique pastoral situations he encounters. While grappling with the demands of modern church life and the complexities of human relationships, Coles navigates his own personal journey of faith and understanding, creating an intimate and engaging read.

Together, the Reverend Richard Coles 2 Books Collection Set provides readers with a powerful and intimate glimpse into the life of a man who has experienced the highs and lows of fame and found solace and purpose in his faith. Coles' writing is candid, humorous, and reflective, making these books not only a captivating read but also an inspiring exploration of human resilience, redemption, and the pursuit of spiritual fulfilment.

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