Donna Ashworth Collection 5 Books Set (Wild Hope, I Wish I Knew, Love, Loss, Life)

Donna Ashworth Collection 5 Books Set (Wild Hope, I Wish I Knew, Love, Loss, Life)


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This set of five books by Donna Ashworth offers a range of real-world perspectives, from romantic love to loss and life. Discover Wild Hope, I Wish I Knew, Love, Loss, and Life, and be inspired by insightful writing from Ashworth's unique point of view.

Titles in this Set:

Wild Hope,
I Wish I Knew,


Wild Hope:
Wild Hope is Donna Ashworth's powerful new collection of wisdom to help us find hope, peace, self-acceptance and inspiration on the days we feel worn down, helpless or sad. Written with love and understanding, Donna reminds us that amidst our daily struggles and constant outpourings of bad news we have so much to hope for, and that every one of us can play a part, big or small.

I Wish I Knew:
In this fast-paced world, I Wish I Knew is a collection of poems to guide us through the wilderness of life, navigating body image, emotions, mental health and personal growth. With honest lessons learned from rock bottom, Donna Ashworth's writing helps us to find courage in chaos and rise to every challenge.

Love explores every type of affection and helps us to nurture our most precious connections. This collection invites us to keep space open for the love in our lives and to remember that it can be found in the most unexpected places.

For those cast adrift in the lonely sea of grief, this collection offers solace for when the water gets rough. Donna Ashworth's poetry reminds us that love and grief are intertwined, and life's true treasure lies in those we hold most dear. Intended to rejuvenate weary souls; these poems are a must for anyone who has lost someone.

For those looking for inspiration, peace and acceptance on the bumpy road that is life, Donna Ashworth's poems give insight into the enigmas of ageing, body image, family and the rapidly changing world around us. For every twist, turn and roadblock the journey has to offer, this collection provides relief to busy minds.

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