Defy the Night Series Collection 3 Book Set by Brigid Kemmerer (Destroy the Day, Defend the Dawn, Defy the Night)

Defy the Night Series Collection 3 Book Set by Brigid Kemmerer (Destroy the Day, Defend the Dawn, Defy the Night)


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Embark on an epic journey with the Defy the Night Series Collection by Brigid Kemmerer. This 3-book set includes Destroy the Day, Defend the Dawn, and Defy the Night, each filled with thrilling action, captivating characters, and heart-pounding plot twists. Immerse yourself in this captivating world and defy the darkness today.

Titles in this Set:

Destroy the Day
Defend the Dawn
Defy the Night


Defy the Night
In a kingdom where sickness stalks the streets and only the richest can afford a cure, King Harristan and his brother Prince Corrick are forced to rule with an iron fist.Tessa Cade is a masked outlaw marked for death, but she likes it that way. Together with the mysterious, handsome Weston, she robs from the rich to help the poor, distributing food and medicine to those who need it most.As it becomes clear that the only way to save her people is to assassinate the King, Tessa must face a deadly mission that will take her to the dark heart of the kingdom . and force her to work with the very people she intended to destroy.....

Defend the Dawn: Brigid Kemmerer (Defy the Night)
Tessa Cade has gone from masked outlaw to palace advisor - and she's determined to help the people of Kandala. With supplies of the moonflower running out, Tessa embarks with Prince Corrick on an uncertain journey to the mysterious neighbouring kingdom of Ostriary.The journey could be their only chance to save the people of Kandala - but it will hold untold danger for both Tessa and Prince Corrick as they navigate perilous waters and confront their feelings for each other. No one is who they seem to be, and the consequences will be dangerous and unpredictable ....

Destroy the Day (Defy the Night)
Prince Corrick is out of options. Held captive by the vicious Oren Crane, he's desperate to reunite with Tessa, but will need to ally with the rebel leader Lochlan, who until now wished him dead. An unlikely but deadly pair, Corrick and Lochlan must plot their next moves carefully ...An island away, Tessa Cade is heartbroken and angry. Grieving Corrick, and unsure how to find a way back to Kandala, she doesn't know who to trust. Until Rian - the man she trusts least - makes an offer: aid in a plot to finally oust Oren Crane and see what the future holds ...


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