David Baldacci :A Camel Club Thriller Collection 5 Books Set

David Baldacci :A Camel Club Thriller Collection 5 Books Set


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Titles in this Set
The Collectors
Stone Cold
Divine Justice
Hell's Corner
The Camel Club

The Collectors
The mystery deepens in the gripping second novel in David Baldacci's Camel Club series, The Collectors.
Annabelle is a beautiful stranger with a mysterious past, planning the heist of the century - two short cons to fund a long con, then a life of unashamed luxury, incognito in a foreign land.
Jonathan DeHaven, the shy head of the Rare Books Division at the Library of Congress, is planning nothing more than an uneventful day amongst his cherished collection.
But when Jonathan is found dead by Caleb Shaw, a member of the Camel Club, two conspiracies are destined to meet as the Club determines to track down the dead man's long-lost wife - and Annabelle decides to avenge the death of her beloved ex-husband.
Unfortunately, the victim of Annabelle's long con has sworn eternal revenge and Jonathan's killers will stop at nothing to keep the truth about his death, and the code they have perfected over the years, from surfacing . . .

Stone Cold
Oliver Stone and the Camel Club are back for their most dangerous adventure yet.
Casino king and vicious thug Jerry Bagger is hunting Annabelle Conroy, who conned him out of millions. Stone and his colleagues must marshal all their resources to protect her.
Yet their skills may not be enough when a deadly new opponent rips off the veneer of Stones own mysterious past: Baggers menace pales next to Harry Finns lethality.
As bodies and institutions topple, the story rockets toward a shattering finale that will leave the survivors of this explosive tale changed forever . . .

Divine Justice
Known by his alias, Oliver Stone, John Carr is the most wanted man in America. With two pulls of the trigger, the men who hid the truth of Stones past and kept him in the shadows were finally silenced.
But Stones freedom has come at a steep price; the assassinations he carried out have prompted the highest levels of the United States Government to unleash a massive manhunt. Joe Knox is leading the charge, but his superiors arent telling him everything there is to know about his quarryand their hidden agendas are just as dangerous as the killer hes trying to catch.
Meanwhile, with their friend and unofficial leader in hiding, the members of the Camel Club must fend for themselves, even as they try to protect him. As Knox closes in, Stones flight from the demons of his past will take him far from Washington, D.C., to the coal-mining town of Devine, Virginiaand headlong into a confrontation every bit as lethal as the one he is trying to escape.

Hell's Corner
An attack on the heart of power . . .
In sight of the White House . . .
At a place known as . . .
Oliver Stone once the countrys most skilled assassin stands in front of the White House, perhaps for the last time. The president has personally requested that Stone serve his country again on a high-risk, covert mission. Though hes fought for decades to leave his past career behind, Stone has no choice but to say yes.
But Stones mission changes drastically before it even begins. Its the night of a state dinner honouring the British prime minister. As he watches the prime ministers motorcade leave the White House, a bomb is detonated in an apparent terrorist attack against both leaders. Its in the chaotic aftermath that Stone takes on a new, more urgent assignment: find those responsible for the bombing.
Stones opponents are elusive, capable, and increasingly lethal. Worst of all, it seems that the park bombing may just have been the opening salvo in their plan. With nowhere else to turn, Stone enlists the help of the only people he knows he can trust: the Camel Club. Yet that may be a big mistake.
In the shadowy worlds of politics and intelligence, there is no one you can really trust. And Hells Corner truly lives up to its name.
This may be Oliver Stones and the Camel Clubs last stand.

The Camel Club
The man known as Oliver Stone has no official past. He spends most days camped opposite the White House, hoping to expose corruption wherever he finds it. But the stakes are raised when he and his friends, a group of conspiracy theorist misfits known as The Camel Club, accidentally witness the murder of an intelligence analyst. Especially when the authorities are seemingly happy to write it off as a suicide.
For Secret Service agent Alex Ford, monitoring the investigation, the suicide verdict doesnt ring true. As punishment for sticking his nose where it doesn't belong, he is reassigned to bodyguard duties. His abilities are tested to the limit when he is sent to protect the President during a visit to his hometown, where a terrorist cell has spent months plotting an event that will shake the world.
Meanwhile, America's powerful intelligence chief Carter Gray is unnerved when he glimpses the face of an old acquaintance in Arlington Cemetery - but it is the face of a man supposedly long dead . . .
And as The Camel Club is poised to expose a conspiracy that reaches into the heart of Washington's highly secretive corridors of power, Alex Ford finds out that his worst nightmare is about to happen . . .

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