Cook Clever: One Chop, No Waste, All Taste By Shivi Ramoutar

Cook Clever: One Chop, No Waste, All Taste By Shivi Ramoutar


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"Cook Clever: One Chop, No Waste, All Taste" by Shivi Ramouthar is a culinary guide that revolutionizes the way we approach cooking, focusing on efficiency, sustainability, and, above all, flavour. In this innovative cookbook, Ramouthar introduces readers to the concept of cooking with minimal waste by utilizing simple ingredients and clever techniques.

With an emphasis on using every part of an ingredient to its fullest potential, Ramouthar demonstrates how to transform humble ingredients into mouth-watering dishes without sacrificing taste or quality. From inventive recipes that make use of leftover scraps to creative meal ideas that maximize flavour and minimize waste, "Cook Clever" offers practical tips and tricks for cooking smartly and sustainably.

With its accessible approach and delicious recipes, "Cook Clever" inspires readers to embrace a more mindful and resourceful approach to cooking, empowering them to create flavourful meals while reducing food waste and saving money. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a novice cook, this cookbook is sure to revolutionize the way you think about food and cooking.

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